Wednesday, February 3, 2010

an exciting new announcement!!

We are moving to a new home - well the blog is! I thought that it was time for a little more to showcase all of my gorgeous clients, friends and family so we are ready to rock and roll!

You can find us at and stay tuned for a little competition in the next couple of days!


I have moved all our current posts from here too so you can catch up with them over on the new site as well!


Thanks for such a wonderful year and I am looking forward to all the exciting things that will come this way this year!


Enjoy J

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Celebrating life love and laughter (Wagga Wagga Couple Portrait Photographer}

I was so privileged to meet this wonderful couple on Saturday for a session that I really really enjoyed. I loved seeing this couple so into one another and after a little bit of awkwardness when we went to our first location only to find them setting up for a wedding we had a great time chatting and laughing and totally loving life. Mrs W has a lot to celebrate with personal triumphs that make her shine. You can see by looking at her that she is strong and add gorgeous to that with a husband that adores her she has it all. They are a wonderful couple that I really enjoyed spending some time with. Thank you for getting in contact with me and letting me share some  moments in time with you.

IMG_0400_5x7800IMG_0406_5x7800IMG_0427_5x7800IMG_0473 5x7 800IMG_0519_5x7

Enjoy J

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stunning at 16 {Wagga Wagga portrait Photographer}

Sunset and a gorgeous 16 year old is a fabulous combination any time! Miss E has the most gorgeous dark brown eyes and just loves the camera - both in front and behind! We started at the library then headed off to a few other great locations to use the light and show off the girl! Thanks so much for sharing some time and a lot of fun and chat with us!

Here are a couple of images from our session.

                                                    IMG_0042 5x7_1

                                                  IMG_0069 5x7_1

                                               IMG_0059 5x7

                                              IMG_0040 5x7

                   IMG_0056 5x7

                   IMG_0047 5x7


Enjoy J

Monday, January 18, 2010

A couple of Canberra Cuties {Wagga Wagga Family Photographer}

We travelled to Canberra for a weekend away that turned into a great morning session with some friends of ours and a photographer friend of mine who has newly relocated to Canberra. Shanna of Jolie Jones Photography was kind enough to take some photos of my family and has done a fantastic job of getting my reluctant little fellows to smile! You can see our session sneak peek on her blog!

Now for some cuties! Our little cuties belong to both our family friends and Shanna with the Mr J and Miss S being full of smiles and happy to play and laugh!


Here is Miss J in her gorgeous dress all the way from the States! I just loved it! Another photographer friend made this for her and it totally suits her! Miss J and her Teddy in the garden just makes you think of tea parties and lots of girly things!IMG_9871 5x7IMG_9873 5x7

Once the kids were occupied with a packet of twisties we took some Mum and Dad time to get them together which as any parent know can be far and few between!


Oh and I couldn't forget one other member of the family! I snapped a few shots of the family pet who just loves to lounge around on the couch!


Isn't she gorgeous! Lots of big dark eyes to get around you for a treat, pat or cuddle!

Thanks so much to our friends and Shanna for a fabulous morning! The kids were great and topped it off with a play in the park so all was right with them as well!

I wish you every success in your new venture in Canberra! They are lucky to have you!


enjoy J

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More gorgeous belly bump sneak Peek {Wagga Wagga Maternity Photographer}

I met with my gorgeous friend again today who bought her husband and daughter along for some more belly photos since it is getting oh so close to meeting their little one. These are a couple of favourites from our session today but there are lots more to follow!

IMG_0124 bwt

And since they are avid Hawthorn supporters we couldn't resist a Guernsey shot as well!IMG_0162

enjoy J

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Waiting waiting waiting...{Wagga Wagga |Maternity |Photographer}

It isn't long now till we get to meet this much loved and anticipated bubba. My best friend is now 36 weeks pregnant and we cannot wait until her bub decides to come out to play! We got together for coffee, cake, chatter and of course photos. I love the look of her big pregnant Buddha belly. Isn't it great! Mama just glows and looks awesome. Enjoy Shell you are gorgeous and I cannot wait to meet your bub!

IMG_9821 5x7 800IMG_9836 5x7bw

We got together 3 weeks ago too and I haven't had a chance to blog them with Christmas getting in the way so here are some pics a little earlier!

IMG_9569 5x7IMG_9584 5x7IMG_9597 11x14

enjoy J

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Gathering {Wagga Wagga Family Portrait Photographer}

What an amazing group of kiddos, parents, grandparents and Great - nanna! Thank you so much for letting me spend a bit of time with you! Here are some images of your gorgeous kiddos and family~ Oh the eyes these children have - such a variety of colours but magnificent! Bubbles and footballs were blown kicked and chased songs were sung and children were scattered. They had such fun!

IMG_0167IMG_0215 5x7IMG_0181 5x7IMG_0186 5x7

Mr Elusive who ran in the opposite direction from the camera... scroll down to see some magic from Daddy!IMG_0247 5x7 IMG_0191 5x7IMG_0192 5x7        IMG_0180 5x7IMG_0172 5x7

This magical smile on Mr R was so worth the day!  Great job Dad for getting some giggles and grins to share of your gorgeous boy!IMG_0195 5x7

and a little quiet let the sun shine through for this gorgeous girl...

IMG_0245 5x7

Don't you just love her grin starting to peek through? I do!


Thanks again for sharing some fun times last week! I hope that you all travelled safely!

enjoy J

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your friends and family

I just want to wish my clients, friends & families a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I hope that all that you wish and dream for comes to you. Thank you so much for supporting me through this year and I hope that the next year brings lots of lovely surprises!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas Cutie {Wagga Wagga Child portrait Photographer}

I love it when a session we did just because brings out gems just like this one! I love the expression on her face and it all just fell into place!

Thanks Miss E for playing!


Enjoy J

Monday, December 14, 2009

Three little cuties {Wagga Wagga |Child| Portrait|photographer}

A trio of absolutely gorgeous cuties cam to visit! A surprise for Mum for Christmas ( the secret was out early! ) and we captured some photos that really show their personalities perfectly. Mr J  - was oh so grown up and by the end had the best grins and had a blast! Mr B was so cool about it all from the get go. He was keen to try as much as he could! Then we followed up with the little princess Miss C who is a gorgeous mix in looks of both her big brothers and was just too cute! These kids were fabulous and thanks to their Auntie S that I was able to spend a little time with them.

Mum and Dad I hope that you enjoy seeing your gorgeous children showing who they really are!

10x15 bailey landscape jlbp10x15 charli landscape10x15 jack landscapeIMG_8062IMG_8093-EditIMG_8100IMG_8104 


enjoy J

Family at the lake {Wagga wagga |family |portrait| photographer}

What a lovely way to spend an hour or so - with two gorgeous ladies for a mother daughter session. We went to the lake  which gave some great  locations and we had a fabulous time chatting and traipsing around the different areas! Thank you so much for being up for anything and being so easy going to work with! I had a great time and I hope that you did to!

Here are  a few images from Saturday!

IMG_8968 5x7IMG_9022IMG_9027 e30 bglite 


enjoy J

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best friends and family {Wagga Wagga | Portrait | Photographer}

What an awesome session we had this morning! What started out as a best friend session turned into a family session as well with a gorgeous cutie and adorable bubba who is just getting too big too fast! We started out with the three of us heading down town for some shots and finding very cool wall of ivy - so cool! The sun was well and truly out so the best place to be was in the shade! Thanks so much Lauren and Renee for such sensational morning. We were joined by Kate and Gave and her gorgeous children Mr F and Mr A. Full of laughter, tickles and kisses, running through sprinklers and climbing on chairs! Mr F really turned it on beautifully! Thanks so much to all of you for such a fabulous session! I can wait finish editing all the photos for you!

Here is a few to tempt you and keep you anticipating the rest!







You are all gorgeous and thanks again for such a great day!

enjoy  J


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