Sunday, June 28, 2009

Winning Moments

While I was looking over at 2peas on of the wonderful photographers let me have a play with a logo for her. She liked it and here is her blog that is showing off a new logo in her header! Here is the one I designed originally and she modified the colours to suit her style. It looks great!!

winning moments logo 2


enjoy J

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Designing logos

It seems I am discovering a liking for designing logos. I admit that I love just fiddling with text and fonts trying to find that perfect combination that lets you say YES that is just right.

I started with a new one for here that I am finally unveiling...

 jlb new logo all blue 3


                                           enjoy J

Monday, June 22, 2009

Capturing the Everyday

Sometimes photography is all about capturing the every day. Does it mean that every single shot has to mean that you are perfectly outfitted for the occasion? I hope not. I find as the mother of two little boys are incredibly full on at times that the  little moments that mean the most to me tends to happen when you just don't expect it. Master T is one of those kids that at the moment is pretty good at letting me capture those moments. He loves to climb on the mail box, and when the sun is setting it just highlights his red hair perfectly! or grab a piece of hose and swing me around with him while taking his  photo!

here is Master T


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something so simple

as bubbles can create the best feelings in everyone. There is something so cheery and happy when on is either blowing bubbles, chasing them or watching a child's face when they pop on their face!SONY DSC


enjoy J

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More for you!

Melinda, here is your beautiful family together! I love how Sophie really isn't too sure of me and my camera! You just have to love the distraction of a flower!



enjoy J

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pirate Pete Show at ABC

I was able to join my children in a very entertaining show at their Daycare. Pirate Pete was a funny man with a very cool out fit of red boots, a big feathery had and a guitar. The kids took a little while to warm up to the songs and once he had sung a few songs, played a couple of games and brought the teachers and parents up in handcuffs they were won over. Here are a few images from this great show that the children at Daycare enjoyed.


Thanks for letting share such a wonderful experience  J

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Johnson Family

A long weekend opportunity to grab some family photos all together. This wonderful family gave me a chance to capture some moments in their lives and to show the changes that time can make to a family! Gorgeous addition of a curly haired toddler and everyone together is a great reason to smile. Thanks for sharing some of your precious time together with me.






enjoy J

Monday, June 1, 2009

Session Information

I am a natural light photographer, specializing in on-location work. I am still in the portfolio building stage of photography and when I am not creating memories for you I am teaching children in local Primary Schools.

Sessions generally last 1-2 hours, but will not end until quality images can be achieved.

The session fee includes the photographer's time and talent as well as individual digital processing of each image. This fee includes up to 6 people, proofs of up to 30 carefully selected images in both colour and B&W which will be available within 10 days of your session

I love the casual and candid style of photography, therefore I recommend keeping clothing simple and comfortable.

It is important to wear clothing that suits you and your child, but try to stay away from patterned clothing such as floral,  plaid and/or  logos. Bright solid colours with jeans or Khaki's work great! If more than one person is being photographed, dress in similar or complementary colours.  The most important thing for your wardrobe is that you are comfortable. By wearing what you love then your photos will reflect you and your family.

Newborns are often photographed naked, and are best photographed within the first two weeks of life when they are still at their sleepiest.  I am happy to come to your home or hospital room to capture these precious moments. Try to dress babies in loose clothing to avoid having clothing lines on their skin. I will be bringing a few hats and blankets and you are welcome to include a favourite blanket or hat in the session.

Maternity Sessions are best done between your 32nd and 36th week as this is when you are at  your roundest and are less likely to go into labour.  Your maternity session can be at a location within the town, at a park or at your home. We can discuss this in pre-session consultations as to what you prefer and feel the most comfortable, tailoring the session to your needs.

You may wish to bring a few change of clothes for children, I offer unlimited clothing changes!


Thanks J


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